Mosaics Art London by Beatrice and Bartholomew (from Poland) create entirely handmade unique mosaic art, exclusive to Mosaics Art London. Bartholomew, born 1971, Poznan, Poland.  Graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University.  He created and developed his own unique technology to create mosaic images and forms of extremely small 5ml plates. Beatrice, born 1972, Poznan, Poland is an artist of applied arts. She creates and designs unique mosaics.

Mosaics Art are currently exhibiting in ART IN MIND at The Brick Lane Gallery from 25th September - 5th October 2014. To find out more about ART IN MIND or to exhibit in a future exhibition please email 



Collaborated with a Japanese singer Kaela Kimura for NYLON JAPAN!

For this photo-shoot, I tried to visualize sound waves by sewing 26 balls of yarn onto photo panels of gramophones. Yarn would hit the wall, reflect and reach her ears.

I took up embroidery and weaving only 2 years ago. Who would have thought I would be doing installations and working with a famous singer! Crazinesssssss